Wood is the natural choice for all types of products. No other material evokes stronger emotions with its variety of species, grains and colors.

Our Products ... Your Needs

Designing a space that is right for you and your family can be overwhelming. If you are tired of hearing no from other cabinet suppliers, our flexibility will ease your mind. We adapt to you by creating cabinetry that is unique to your needs and personal lifestyle. With an unlimited choice of colors, designs, moldings, and accessories, we can truly design and create and exception product just right for you.

Quality and Durability

We truly own the word "quality". With quality control inspectors involved in every step of our manufacturing process, Sequoia Custom Cabinetry is built to sustain a lifetime of use. We use the best materials available, construct by using time tested techniques and finish with solvent based stains and catalyzed conversion varnish top coats. Our result is a high quality durable life lasting product.

We Are "Green"

Through streamlined process and the most modern machinery, we manufacture our cabinets efficiently and effectively. We recycle, use less energy, and minimize waste, thus saving our natural resources. We not only meet the higher standards set by the State of California, we exceed the environmental laws set by state and local air quality agencies. Something you do not see from out of state manufacturers.


Sequoia Custom Cabinetry is manufactured in Sanger, California. We are central to the state and close to our customers, allowing for reliable and faster delivery. Your custom cabinetry is delivered on our own trucks by skillful employees who ensure your cabinets will arrive on schedule. We take the necessary time and care to package, handle, and load each item properly to eliminate damage. Our reliable fleet of trucks can deliver anywhere in California in only a few hours.